“I have had many readings in the past, some are good, others not so fruitful. I was immediately impressed with Deborah’s pinpointing my health issues and offering a specific road map to healing and unique dietary advice (I now have my own personal smoothie recipe). Everything just rang true – and it is still resonating. Thank you.”


“Deborah Davis’ skills as a medical intuitive are invaluable. Since the time my son was an infant with asthma and allergies, he has benefited greatly from Deborah’s practical advice on nutrition, herbs and supplements as well as his emotional well-being. Her approach is always down to earth, respectful and reassuring and I will continue to call Deborah for her insightful help for both my son and myself.”

HH. DesMoines, Iowa

“Deborah’s clear and concise readings have given me insight not only into health issues but also into areas of personal life. Her direct and gentle manner encourages, validates and empowers one to follow one’s instincts and listen to one’s heart.”

E.L., Athens, Greece

“Thank you Deborah for that phenomenal reading. That was the most clear, concise and practical intuitive session I’ve ever had. I entered into out reading terrified and within a few minutes I felt very comfortable with you. I emerged more confident and ready to take care of my priorities. Thank you again.”